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Andalini packaging design


Packaging restyling of the lines: Antica Tradizione, the artisanal, quality egg pasta line; 4 Minuti, an innovative type of thin-sheet durum wheat semolina pasta; and Semola Selection, the high-quality durum wheat pasta.

Goal of this marketing activity: To revamp the image and raise the perception.

What we did:

  • Packaging and Logo Design 4 Minuti – line
  • Packaging and Logo Design Antica Tradizione – line
  • Packaging and Logo Design Semola Selection – line
  • Packaging and Logo Design Semola Selection

The creative process:

  1. Detailed analysis of product lines to fully understand their characteristics, current market positioning, and consumer needs.
  2. Concept Creation: Creating visual concepts for the new packaging, logo and catalog.
  3. Development of new packaging design, carefully choosing materials for implementation
  4. Production of catalogs for each line