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Essse caffè brand identity

Essse Caffè is a leading Ho.Re.Ca company that has been producing refined coffee blends for more than 40 years with the 3 ‘S’ formula: Science, Sapience, and Specialization. The roasting company with headquarters in Emilia has previously concentrated on B2B communication and currently holds a significant market share in the bar industry (to the extent that the brand is referred to as "the coffee of professionals").

Create a new, strong, and unambiguous brand identity through premium repositioning in line with the company, strengthening and maintaining Essse caffè’s brand reputation, and creating a new tone of voice.

Goal: To elevate the perceived high quality of blends and OOH image, through the new visual identity and tone of voice and repositioning the brand at the high end.

What we did:

  • Rebranding the logo, verticalizing it, adding the payoff, and lightening the S logotype with elegant and modern lettering
  • Restyling of all Ho.Re.Ca. and consumer lines.
  • Elegant yet modern visual signs, materials, and typefaces are used to create cutting-edge and contemporary designs.

The creative process:

  1. Research and analysis: We started the restyling of the Essse Caffè brand with detailed research and analysis of the Ho.Re.Ca sector, identifying design trends and high-end consumer expectations. This process helped us understand the market competition and identify the specific qualities the brand needed to stand out.
  2. Elegant design: We worked closely with design experts to develop a new visual identity for Essse Caffè. We focused on elegance and sophistication, choosing fine colors, eye-catching fonts, and a clean layout. Each component was carefully selected to generate a sense of prestige and luxury.
  3. Development of a unique visual identity: We created a consistent and distinctive visual identity for Essse Caffè, including a revamped logo, high-quality imagery, and an eye-catching photographic aesthetic. This design accurately captures the brand’s essence while conveying to the audience a sense of exclusivity and style.
  4. Elegant tone of voice: We created a classy and enticing tone of voice for Essse Caffè that accurately conveys the caliber of its blends and image. Every message and piece of communication has been meticulously crafted to show attention to detail and a love of fine coffee.
  5. Brand repositioning: We were able to move the Essse Caffè brand to the premium end of the Ho.Re.Ca market thanks to the new visual identity and tone of voice. As a result of the restyling, the brand’s overall image and perception of premium coffee blends improved. High-end consumers were attracted by the new design’s elegance and uniqueness, which helped create a positive association with Essse Caffe and consolidate its position as a premium brand in the marketplace.