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Above the line

Although today digital marketing is also taking the lead in Food & Beverage promotion, Above-the-line (ATL) marketing methodologies continue to find their place in the strategies and return excellent results.

Not all of the customer journey takes place online, and what’s more, web marketing operations can also be helped to achieve goals faster when combined with properly created “traditional” marketing activities.

We at Erbacipollina know how to create ATL materials that meet your company’s needs and contribute to the conversion of potential customers into loyal buyers.

What do we mean by Above The Line communication?

We are in the more classic world of communication, the one where it matters to make yourself known to as many people as possible, without targeting and limiting the reach of communication.

The Above The Line set of marketing includes all those promotional actions that are aimed at a generalist audience, thus very large but, probably, composed of only a small part of your buyer personas.

The boundary referred to by the term “above-the-line” communication is the one that divides, precisely, methodologies that intercept large masses of people from those designed to reach precise niche audiences. The latter are referred to as BTL – Below The Line.

The media types of the Above The Line

The typical media channels of the BTL are:

  • Tv
  • Radio
  • Cinema
  • Big screens placed in high-transit areas
  • Billboards
  • Print newspapers
  • Magazines

Although some of these media are becoming digitalized (e.g., television), they continue to be considered classic marketing tools, through which messages can be delivered to a wide audience. As is evident to everyone, the proliferation of websites, social media, and apps has not wiped out traditional advertising altogether but has forced communication experts to devise integrated communication strategies capable of involving all kinds of channels useful for achieving results.

Why use ATL marketing in Food&Beverage

Above The Line strategies are by no means obsolete; on the contrary, they have evolved over the years in parallel with digital marketing and continue to provide several benefits:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Strengthening of brand image
  • Engagement of a wide audience
  • Support of digital promotions
  • Facilitation of conversions

Carefully crafted ATL content can bring out a need that a person didn’t think he or she had or be the lever that drives a consumer to buy your product.

For example, watching a television commercial may generate an online search, or a newspaper advertisement might confirm information read on blogs and social. In either case, the final result could be winning an extra lead or sale.

Erbacipollina produces all Above The Line materials useful for enhancing your company’s brand identity and building or improving brand awareness.

Our team knows how to use ATL marketing to benefit your business. Contact us and let’s talk about your project.

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