Erbacipollina | Food Marketing Agency

Food Graphic

Through food graphic design, Erbacipollina designs around each product the scenario that most identifies it, making use of culturally established and high-impact visual codes, with the aim of:

  • winning the attention of customers
  • making the products memorable
  • increasing sales
  • standing out from competitors
  • supporting salespeople with distinctive materials

Why rely on our team of food graphic designers

Our team of food graphic designers is constantly updating on contemporary trends, researching innovative materials, studying the most effective colors, and applying neuromarketing techniques. All this is to tell your story, give value to your products, and tell your customers the essence of your brand.

What are the tools with which our food design agency materializes graphic food design activities?

  • Logo
  • Packaging design
  • Advertising
  • Catalogs
  • Folder
  • Leaflet
  • POP Material
  • Trade show booth graphics

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