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Have you ever thought of a label that highlights the values of your winery and the characteristics of your wine?

Erbacipollina is the communications and marketing agency that also handles graphic design of effective and distinctive wine labels that can make your product stand out from those of competitors.

The graphic design of a wine label is not simple, nor is it obvious. And at the same time it is a critically important element.

When designing a wine label, it is necessary to combine differentiating design elements with the visual expression of the winery’s values, communicating the personality and uniqueness of the winery and product, but also the territory of origin, belonging to a certain reality, and the wine culture underlying the production of that wine.

The label must become a visual expression of the positioning of the wine itself and the winery from which it comes, must serve as a permanent storytelling, in which to condense a whole series of secular and essential values and information-a very complex marketing objective, the attempt to win over buyers and end consumers in a few inches of paper.

What are the elements to consider when doing a graphic study of a wine label?

  • Original and distinctive graphics.
  • condense the values of the winery and the characteristics of the wine into an interesting visual.
  • Tactile sensation, where Neuromarketing comes in: a heavy, rough paper conveys feelings of naturalness and craftsmanship, while a glossy paper with fine colors gives the idea of excellence, and so on.

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