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Social media are, by definition, digital meeting spaces, and, as such, are populated by people that can have different reactions. That is why a company making use of these platforms to communicate with the audience should collaborate with specialists in virtual community management.

A correct social strategy, therefore, cannot neglect an accurate Community Management, that will become an instrument to build company-customer dialogue and stimulate interactions and engagement, and ultimately, create authentic relationships and generate conversions.

At every stage of this journey, the user is at the heart of every action and the real main character, as a part of a whole, in an honest relationship with the brand.

Our social team has been working for years on community creation and management, exclusively for customers of the Food&Beverage sector.

What does the Community Manager do and why is he or she an important resource for your company?

The Community Manager is not only someone that runs the groups of followers turning around your company, but he/she also performs a function of online monitoring.

This professional can analyse users’ behavior and understand how your brand is perceived on social media, which topics generate interest, what are the customers’ critics and potential customers’ needs.

Following online conversations, the Community Manager can gather opinions about your company’s products and services, how to improve them and how to introduce them.

He/she is the one in charge of implementing strategies to increase engagement, retain customers, build loyalty and make them ambassadors of your brand, but also to maintain relations with target users who do not yet know your company, leading them towards conversion.

Whoever manages a community must focus on people and their wishes, be empathetic and identify the signals that the public gives on social media, through posts, comments, and shares.

A solid and well-managed fan base can support a brand even during times of crisis or in phases of change and always be a resource from which you can obtain information and opinions.

Specialists in Food&Beverage Community Management

Our agency always takes care of Food&Beverage marketing and all our partners perfectly know this type of business, as well as being specialists in specific fields of digital communication.

Our social media experts know how to manage a community where users talk about food and beverages,topics that always generate debate and exchange of opinions, such as stimulating a positive reaction from customers and attracting users, bringing them closer to your brand, and converting them from simple followers into loyal customers.

We at Erbacipollina have the ultimate expertise, know-how, technical abilities, and creativity for the Community Management of great Food&Beverage brands.

If you want to create or increase your fan base, get in touch with us and show us your goals.

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