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Shamelessly food lovers, we live and work in the Italian Food Valley, a place recognized worldwide as the heart of Food&Beverage. We are the first communication agency that deals exclusively with companies in the food & beverage sector, enhancing their uniqueness with a creative and concrete approach, through the implementation of communication and marketing, digital and off-line, effective, engaging and differentiating projects.

Food social media marketing / Brand communication
Food buyer personas / Food logo design / Brand communication / Communication strategy / Food brand positioning / Food Packaging Design / Food Graphic Design / Copywriting Food / Food Brand Identity
Food photography and video / Brand communication / Copywriting Food
Food photography and video / Food Packaging Design / Food Graphic Design
Food photography and video / Food buyer personas / SEO and Keyword research / Website development / Communication strategy / Food brand positioning / Copywriting Food / Food Brand Identity

Why a food marketing agency?

Nowadays, if the “know-it-all attitude” rules and the trend is to know everything about everything, we go against the trend!

We chose the verticalization of the sector, focusing on the food&beverage market, studied its dynamics, analyzed buying behaviors, absorbed trends and developments, becoming the first non-generalist Italian agency. We were born and live in the Food Valley, Emilia Romagna, the place with the highest concentration of PDO and PGI products, with a very important wine production, where food is culture.

We have understood that the food industry needs specific dedicated tools because today the concept of “selling” is not the only goal companies have. The brand must establish a lasting relationship with the consumer, transfer a recognizable value system and base its actions on authenticity, according to the market’s own logic.

That’s why we are a food marketing agency:

WE LISTEN to the market that surrounds us, we catch every little aspect, finding a way to innovate it. WE CREATE marketing and communication strategies to bring concrete and successful projects to life. WE VALUE the uniqueness of brands and the special features of products, with creativity and expertise.

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Some of the companies that chose us

Grandi Riso
Essse Caffe
Casa Modena
Molino rossetto

It’s better to choose an agency specializing in food communication

How can you even talk about it if you don’t know it?

Communication must be clear, understandable, immediate and direct to the audience you intend to speak to.

It is important to know the right language and immediately create engagement with the target audience.

Brand personality, tone of voice, copywriting, are all fundamental aspects that play a pivotal role when planning a communication strategy.

In more than 10 years of activity, we have specialized in food communication, offering our clients targeted solutions to communicate in an effective and innovative way, and we have become the first Italian communication agency specialized in food!

What are the ingredients for a successful project?

1. FOOD BRANDING – Starting with a distinctive, defined and innovative brand is the first step toward a successful product or company.

2. DIGITAL STRATEGY – A good online presence means visibility, awareness, sales. And for each client, it is vital to identify targets, goals, KPIs, and develop a tailored digital strategy. Relying on a web agency food with strong expertise ensures that you get the best results in terms of effectiveness.

3. PACKAGING DESIGN – Dress up the product with a unique, specially designed style to communicate at first glance all the values of each brand and differentiate itself in the market.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – Keeping in touch with customers is crucial. Social media are great allies in this: they allow you to create high-performing campaigns and support customers closely.

5. INBOUND MARKETING – “Content is King”: itʼs important to create quality and valuable content for the user, answering their questions and concerns.

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