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Tv commercial production Eridania 2023

Eridania, an iconic sweetening brand in Italy since 1899, is back on TV with a new commercial. The initiative, aims to break the traditional patterns of sweetening in a contemporary and modern way compared to the past.

With an amusing but elegant approach, Eridania aims to overturn sedimented and stereotyped visions of sugar in all its declinations, in order to overcome the most consummate prejudices. "Since 1899, free to be sweet" is the claim of the new campaign focused across the board on different buyer personas and the products that ideally meet their needs and wants: a commercial that breaks down everyday clichés and leaves us free to enjoy sweetness, in all its forms.


The goal is to remind the general public that Eridania is the leader in sweetening, close to families and everyday life, with a humorous and light tone, involving all the different needs of consumers.

What we did:

  • TV commercial production
  1. Implementation of the concept “Free to Be Sweet”
  2. Production of scripts and storyboards where various characters appear who live outside the clichés and use the different products.
  3. The protagonists amaze because they contrast with the most classic of clichés:
    The rebellious man, full of tattoos, who nevertheless loves to bake sweets with Classic Sugar;
    The GenZ girl, who appears to be chatting on social media, is actually looking for gourmet recipes and dreams of becoming a great pastry chef;
    The sporty grandmother is mindful of her caloric intake that to sweeten her smoothie before starting her exercise in the living room she uses Zero Eridania,
    The businessman in a suit and tie who is always on the phone for work makes himself a poolside cocktail with Tropical:
  4. Video shooting and editing