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About us

Food and beverage Marketing Professionals

Erbacipollina is the first creative space in Italy exclusively devoted to Food and Beverage marketing. A team of food marketers led by passion and expertise.

 Food and beverage Marketing Professionals

The universe of food marketing is a world apart, constantly evolving and requiring deep knowledge. This is why we have chosen not to be a generalist agency, but to work only with companies in the industry. 

Our expertise allows us to work effectively on the different channels of the sector, starting from large-scale retail trade to Ho.Re.Ca., for B2B and B2C, guiding (/assisting) companies in the process of brand identity affirmation. 

Erbacipollina is an agency composed of a team of professionals with proven experience in marketing and communication, also led by a strong passion. Food lovers, sommeliers, serial restaurant goers, pursuing excellence and… insatiable eaters! In a nutshell: Food Marketers by passion and Beverage addicted! 

Food & Beverage Marketing

Erbacipollina has a ten-year experience in food marketing, a competent team, passionate about the topic, and collaborations with qualified partners operating throughout the country. 
Over time, we have developed and improved an innovative and remarkably efficient method for developing communication strategies for companies in the food market. 

This methodology is known as FBBP™ (Food Brand Building Process); an ad hoc methodology that follows companies on their path of brand building and/or affirmation, through a clear, on time and dedicated process. A unique model that can be adapted to the particular needs of each company that starts from research, data and analysis, and ends with planning, communication and creativity. 

We listen

to the market that surrounds us, we catch every little aspect, finding a way to innovate it.

We create

appealing and concrete projects, either it concerns packaging design or digital marketing.

We visualize

brand uniqueness, distinctive features of the product and our client companies’ creativity.