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Social networks play an increasingly central role in the communication of companies operating in the Food & Beverage sector.

Users on these platforms look for information, moments of entertainment, opinions, news, and contacts with people and brands. They are inclined to interact with those who offer engaging content that satisfies their desires.

But social is also an excellent channel on which to advertise. Through Social Food ADV, one can show paid content to precise target audiences and gain benefits in terms of conversions and brand popularity.

Getting to know social and Food & Beverage to create effective ADV campaigns

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn have different characteristics and audiences that need to be evaluated when creating a digital marketing strategy.

In addition, social provides companies with platforms to create paid campaigns that require study, testing and experience to achieve excellent ROI (returns on investment).

This is why you need to rely on Social ADV experts if you want every euro invested in this type of digital advertising to be used profitably.

To publish paid content on social media that is suitable for a company like yours active in Food and Beverage, apart from technical skills, marketers need to be familiar with this particular market,its language and the elements that attract the attention of those who want to buy food, wine, drinks, tools and services for the restaurant industry.

Erbacipollina’s Food Social Media Advertisers.

Erbacipollina’s team includes both Food Social Media Managers, who are responsible for social media management and content creation and Food Social Media Advertisers, professionals who specialize in using the advertising platforms of different social networks.

The latter are capable of using the advanced features of social ads platforms to create different types of ads that will be shown to specific audience segments for:

  • Making your brand known to more target users
  • Supporting other lead generation strategies
  • Presenting events or news
  • Driving more traffic to your company website or blog
  • Increasing sales of your food e-commerce

The steps for creating a Social Food ADV campaign

The process we at Erbacipollina use when creating ad campaigns for a Food & Beverage company consists of the following steps:

  • Listening to the client’s needs
  • Analysis of the company, the market niche, and your competitors
  • Sharing information with the client
  • Identification of objectives and definition of budgets
  • Scheduling of activities related to the publication of ads
  • Creation of campaigns
  • Performance monitoring
  • Optimization (if necessary)
  • Presentation of the results obtained

In over ten years of activity in Food & Beverage marketing, we have developed this effective method, to which we associate a high degree of content customization, both graphically and textually.

To do Social Food ADV you need to have technique, creativity, and knowledge of the sector. Our team has all these characteristics and can help you use social media strategically.

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