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Valfrutta Granchef

Valfrutta is one of the most important historical Italian brands in the agricultural sector. Founded in 1972, today it is part of the Conserve Italia group. Its motto has always been “La natura di prima mano” (“The first-hand nature”). Valfrutta Granchef is a high range of products dedicated to food service professionals that look for quality, service and safety thanks to constant control over the entire supply chain, from field to table.


Establishing Valfrutta Granchef’s ‘Cotti a vapore’ as the winning range in the restaurant world in terms of taste and service. Conveying modernity, distinctiveness and innovation to the Valfrutta Granchef brand. Expanding the customer base.

What we did:

  • Photoshoot
  • Copywriting
  • Pagina Advertising Trade

The creative process:

  1. Definition of the values and strengths of Valfrutta Granchef and the Cotti a Vapore line.
  2. Creation of a photo shoot that focused on the main characters, the chefs, in a modern way.
  3. Implementation of the funnel model for the strategic organization of adv campaigns and contents
  4. Definition of a copy and an image, aimed at enhancing the products for their distinctive properties, for example, their ability to make the chef’s work easier.
  5. Development of ADV pages for the most important Italian trade newspapers.