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Food website development

If you sell food & beverage products you have to be present online.

The website is the virtual face of your company, the digital space where you display your products and services. Many companies miss profit opportunities because of websites lacking in strength, energy, and seduction. Or because of the poor navigability or intuitiveness with which they are built.

The creation of websites for the food sector is only the starting point: Erbacipollina deals with an all-around creation of Food Websites and Web Design.

Web Food Design: the elements that conquer the users

The average user takes very few seconds to decide whether or not to browse a website. To be successful, you need to be able to convey credibility and draw the user’s attention to some essential elements.

The Erbacipollina team does not only care about creating Food Websites with an attractive web design, but also follows you in the:

  • Definition of the information architecture
  • Page design and taking care of the UX (User Experience)
  • Drafting of SEO-optimized texts
  • Creation of photos and videos that convey the value

Our work begins before entering the operational phase, it starts with listening to your needs, through the knowledge of your company and what you produce, it continues with the competitor analysis, the definition of the goals, and proposing a tailor-made solution.

Our goal is to deliver you a contemporary, interactive, and dynamic web platform, capable of bringing your audience closer to your food & beverage products.

A successful Food Web Design thanks to technique and creativity

From the technical point of view, Erbacipollina develops websites with the most commonly used CMSs (such as WordPress and Joomla), customising every single detail, creating templates that match your company’s needs and, using the most effective technologies for the purpose:

  • E-commerce CMS: Prestashop and WooCommerce;
  • E-commerce Online stores: Bigcommerce, Neto, Corecommerce
  • Framework: CodeIgniter, Cake PHP, Laravel 5.5.1
  • Design Framework: Bootstrap
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Other: AJAX, jQuery, HTML, Angularjs

Every website created is responsive: it adapts to the screens of smartphones and tablets, which are now the devices most used by users for surfing the Internet.

In addition, all the websites designed by Erbacipollina are quickly indexed and optimally positioned by search engines thanks to careful SEO copywriting.

Most of the web traffic is generated by search engines (Google first and foremost) and getting on the first pages of SERPs (search engine response pages) is essential to achieve greater visibility in the vast universe of online food.

The performance of your website is constantly measured with Web Analytics tools, in order to optimise digital marketing campaigns and achieve even more remarkable results, and they are presented to you in reports that you can easily interpret.

We do not leave you alone once your website is delivered, but rather we provide continuous support because we know how important it is to be constantly online and to provide users with smooth navigation.

Do you want your company to stand out online? Rely on real experts in the creation of Websites Web Food.

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