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SEO and
Keyword Research

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, optimisation for search engines) is an essential element of the digital marketing strategy and keyword research represents its core.

In order to optimise a website or food e-commerce is paramount to find the keywords that your target audience searches online and use them in the best way.

However, SEO also implies technical activities that concern the insertion of meta tags, the creation of optimised content, the improvement of user experience (UX), and the timely re-optimisation of the factors that influence the ranking, the moment the search engine updates its algorithm.

Keyword Research is the first ingredient of the SEO

By carrying out keyword research you can discover with which words users search your products online, what are their doubts and needs, and how to create content that can answer their questions.

A good analysis of the keywords can help you find the most suitable for the creation of blog articles, conversion pages, and those right to enhance your brand.

Keyword research is the basis of SEO and other digital marketing activities, and it should not be limited to the use of a tool, but rather it should be supported by the experience of an SEO specialist, able to study the keywords and find the most suitable to reach your goals.

Good work in this starting phase of SEO strategy positively affects the following marketing operations, for example, development of the company website and/or food e-commerce, planning of the content marketing operations, inbound marketing, and SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

What is SEO and why does it increase the traffic on your Food&Beverage website?

SEO is the combination of optimisation techniques for search engines, to achieve organic traffic goals (which means that it does not derive from paid advertising campaigns) and strategic positioning.

Increasing the organic traffic on your food & beverage website means having a growing number of people who land on one of your web pages and that are likely to be interested in the subject matter.

The optimisation procedures imply interventions on:

  • The website and e-commerce structure
  • HTML code of the web pages
  • Texts and other types of content (images, video)
  • Internal link and backlink
  • Loading speed and other technical characteristics concerning UX

It is possible to position your web pages among the first results of SERP (Search Engine Results Page, the page of the results of the search engine) by acting carefully on all these elements and, thus, obtaining visibility when a user makes online research concerning the know-how, the products and the services of your company.

SEO plays a pivotal role in the digital marketing strategies for food & beverage, because online competition is very high and it is important to invest to get on the first page of Google.

The advantages of an SEO strategy concern the increase of:

  • Quality organic traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Company’s prestige
  • Conversions and/or sales

Through accurate Keyword Research, focused on the identification of the queries typed by buyer personas and the use of the SEO principles, it is possible to create high-quality content, that seduces both the search engine and the users.

Do you want to get on the first page of Google and increase the traffic to your website? Rely on the experts of Food SEO of Erbacipollina.

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