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Food Packaging

How to ensure that the customer, among hundreds of products, chooses yours? This is the task of Food Packaging Design!

Devoting time and resources to the packaging design in which you present what you are selling is an investment that brings results in terms of brand awareness and an increase in sales.

Packaging Design in the Food&Beverage sector is a key activity, that must be coordinated with the communication strategies and the planning of advertising campaigns.

We do not want to design the package of your product, we want to improve your brand communication through the packaging.

The food packaging agency creates communication through the packaging

Communication in the Food&Beverage sector must involve all the senses, sight even before taste.

An agency specialised in food packaging design knows how to best present the peculiarities of a product and the brand values, taking care of every aspect:

  • Graphic design
  • Aesthetic
  • Communication

All these elements blend to create the perfect food packaging design, one of the most important ingredients of the brand identity.

The packaging is not only a wrapping that should have useful information about the preservation and safe transport of your product, but also a powerful communication channel.

The packaging is closely observed by the possible customer that is looking for the best product that meets his needs and it long remains in the hands of the customer, who buys it on the food e-commerce or in the physical shop.

Relying on experts in the sector, you will see the packaging becoming a real medium through which you will be able to “speak” to your target customers.

Examples of Packaging Food Design

Through study, analysis, and creativity we design packaging that enhances the brand and the product.

Here are some examples of works of packaging design, created for famous brands in the Food&Beverage sector.

The first food packaging design agency in Italy: Erbacipollina!

Erbacipollina is the Food Packaging Agency that provides ten years of experience in the world of Food&Beverage.

Our designers can design packaging in line with the latest style and design trends, that speak the typical language of this sector.

Erbacipollina reinvents and enhances the products revealing their pluses, which are their distinctive features that differentiate a product from all of its competitors.

Before designing packaging, our team focuses on the product’s characteristics and the analysis of the target market; deep research on these two aspects allows us to grasp the essence of the product itself and bring it out in the packaging.

For Erbacipollina is essential to enrich the product with emotions and values through the design of every single detail in order to achieve a beautiful and effective result.

What are the steps for our packaging design agency?

  • Competitors analysis
  • Trend research
  • Information architecture
  • Creative design
  • Selection of fonts and colors
  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Selection of materials
  • Creation of real and 3D mock-up
  • Printing executive
  • Shooting
  • Shelf test
  • Neuromarketing

Food Packaging Design can highlight the quality and the features of your products.

Rely on someone who has a long experience in this sector. Get in touch with Erbacipollina.

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