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The first step to the success of a product is presenting itself on the market with a strong Food Brand Identity, that can make it recognisable and unique.

The first step to the success of a product is presenting itself on the market with a strong Food Brand Identity, that can make it recognisable and unique.

It is of the utmost importance to create a brand that can convey the company’s values to customers and that points out the product’s characteristics.

That is why branding specialists make sure that the Brand Identity, thus the way in which the company presents itself to its public through the brand, exactly corresponds to the Brand Image, and how the public perceives the messages sent by the brand.

Analytics, operative, and verification activities are needed to create a brand identity that could raise your business and we at Erbacipollina know exactly how to carry them out and lead you to success.

Food Branding: strategic phases to build the identity of your brand

The building process of the brand identity starts from the definition of the distinctive elements, the values, and the reason why.

The strategic phases that are carried out are:

  • Brand and company analysis
  • Market and competitors analysis
  • Definition/creation of the Food Buyer Personas
  • Definition of the value proposition
  • Definition of the Value Proposition Canva
  • Definition of the Brand Positioning
  • Definition of the brand values
  • Definition of the communication strategy

Study activities are the first to be carried out: they are useful to understand how your brand is perceived by the audience, how your competitors are positioned in the marketplace and which strategies are adopted, and who your target customers are.

Only once you have deeply understood these elements, you can move on to the design of all the graphic and nongraphic elements, that define a brand and its positioning.

After careful analysis, we can move on to the creation of everything that determines and affects the Brand Identity:

According to the project, we can carry through some of the elements listed above, or all of them to create the consistency needed to make brand communication extremely effective.

Why is Brand Identity important in the Food sector?

The Food&Beverage sector is one the most competitive, in(side) and outside our country.

For every product desired by the customer, there are several different offers available on the market that can satisfy him and so it gets more and more difficult to attract his attention, convince him to buy, and build customer loyalty.

A clear brand identity, built to attract new specific customers that share the company’s values, is the driver behind the buying process towards your company and that generates the engagement that can lead people to your brand and what it represents and proposes.

The Food Brand Agency that makes you stand out

Ernacipollina is the Food Brand Agency that supports you in the development of distinctive brand identity and eventually makes your brand stand out in the marketplace.

Our long-standing expertise in the Food&Beverage marketing sector allows us to exploit the know-how acquired in many years of experience to carry out accurate analysis and define strategic personalised plans that take into consideration your needs, your objectives, and your budget.

Our team is composed of food marketers who are specialised in all the marketing sectors, including branding, digital communication, and brand building experts.

Do you wanna build a strong Food Brand Identity and grow your business? Get in touch with Erbcipollina’s experts.

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