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Erbacipollina is the Marketing Automation Agency for Food and Beverage that knows how to leverage technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create value from your audience and optimize the results of digital marketing strategies.

What is Marketing Automation in Food & Beverage and what is it for

When it comes to digital communication, the potential audience is infinite, which is why it is important to provide the right content to the right person at the right time.

A Marketing Automation platform allows you to automate all those repetitive marketing activities, for example, e-mail marketing, lead nurturing, and online advertising campaigns. But the most important functions it performs are the collection and processing of large volumes of data useful for tracking users and segmenting them.

The skillful use of this technology allows you to increase the efficiency of the sales funnel and convert leads into satisfied customers more rapidly in both B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

How does a Marketing Automation Agency operate?

The application of Marketing Automation to your food e-commerce means starting with RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis, that is of a potential customer’s attitude, frequency and economic capacity, to find out in detail how your audience is composed.

The software then allows us to identify clusters of users with similar characteristics (e.g., undecided users, those ready to buy, the most profitable customers, those we risk losing) and propose tailor-made content to them, which is aimed at meeting their needs and getting them to convert and/or retain them.

Creating a flow of content for each audience segment to improve customer engagement is a process that requires time, organization, tools and adequate professionals.

Marketing Automation Used by Food Marketing Specialists

We at Erbacipollina have been dealing exclusively with Food & Beverage marketing since day one and, as a result, we know which are the most suitable platforms for the industry and, most importantly, we know how to use automation to effectively communicate everything related to the world of food and beverage.

For Marketing Automation, we use Mautic, an open-source software, which allows us to create customized, effective, measurable strategies.

Mautic allows you to:

  • Achieve advanced profiling, through segmentation tools, behavioral analysis, and preference labeling.
  • Measure the engagement, by automatically dividing contacts into similar groups
  • Send emails and propose effective content at the right time, linking user behaviors to the actions they performed.

However, a good Marketing Automation platform is not enough to achieve results in the promotion of Food & Beverage brands and products, but you need the skills of Data Analysts and the creativity of Content Creators who perfectly know the dynamics of this specific production sector.

Our Marketing Automation agency can guarantee tangible results thanks to strategies tailored to your needs and the specialized team it puts at your disposal. The Marketing Automation process at Erbacipollina

The Marketing Automation process at Erbacipollina

The process we use at Erbacipollina to effectively apply Marketing Automation consists of three basic steps:

  1. Strategy planning
  2. Defining the workflow, i.e., the automation process, and audience segmentation
  3. Monitoring the results and possible optimization

The first step is to define a communication strategy that describes the method and the activities to be carried out to achieve the goals.

The creation of the flow of operations comes immediately after and it will be automatically triggered whenever a user performs a certain action. The simplest example is a user signing up for a newsletter that generates the sending of “welcome content.”

During this phase, audience segmentation begins, that is, the division of potential customers into groups with specific characteristics for which dedicated automation will be provided.

Segmentation can start from macro-groups (divided by age, gender, income, interests, and other online searches…) to become very detailed, intercepting more personal characteristics and, therefore, almost going to establish 1:1 communications with individual users.

All that is left to do at this point is to monitor the results obtained and adjust the focus to increasingly strengthen the touch points between brands and potential customers.

The mechanism is simple, but for Marketing Automation to be truly effective, you need to keep in mind your final goal: to offer the customer a consistent and tailor-made experience, to keep them engaged.

Rely on the Marketing Automation Agency specializing in food: get in touch with us at Erbacipollina.

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