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Food and beverage e-commerce development

Creating Food&Beverage E-commerce means giving you a customised virtual shop that allows you to sell your products 24 hours a day anywhere in the worl. This is an opportunity not to miss, especially now that people are more and more willing to shop online.

The significant change we are going through has drastically changed everyone’s habits and in this context, e-commerce purchases have grown enormously.

That is why today, to be competitive, your company cannot avoid selling online.

The agency for the e-commerce creation specialised in Food & Beverage

In order to achieve excellent results you need to work with someone capable of building an effective strategy for the development and management of your food e-commerce.

We at Erbacipollina provide you with a team specialised in the creation of virtual shops for the sale of Food and Beverage products.

Our e-commerce is characterised by:

  • Great graphic appeal
  • Functions that simplify the purchasing process
  • Multiple languages
  • Responsiveness
  • High customisation degree
  • Optimisation for search engines
  • Every useful detail to maximise sales

In addition to the initial development, we also provide you with an update and support service, which follows you constantly to ensure maximum security and functionality of the platform.

Our agency was founded more than ten years ago to tell the story of the food and beverage sector, promote the brands that are part of it, and increase companies’ revenue.

We were the first in Italy to deal with Digital Food Marketing, and today we have acquired unique know-how, characterised by technique and creativity that allows us to satisfy every request and develop food e-commerce tailored-made to your brand and your customers.

We think about every detail of your online food shop

Our agency deals not only with the development of your digital platform for the sale of agri-food products, but also with the several marketing activities, indispensable for increasing your brand awareness and attracting more and more customers.

We will be your point of reference before, during, and after the web publication of your Food & Beverage e-commerce.

Our team includes specialists who will support you in:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Identification of keywords
  • Web pages optimisation
  • Building the e-commerce structure
  • Writing SEO-friendly texts
  • Photographing your products
  • Making videos
  • Performing surf tests
  • Implementing digital marketing strategies
  • Monitoring performance

We can also guide you in organising your support service. Nowadays it must be quick and efficient because either the potential customer or those who have already purchased, demand fast and comprehensive answers, often via social media.

Not only do we deliver you a beautiful and functional virtual shop, but we stay by your side to develop it and make sure that it always satisfies your target audience.

Do you want to start selling on the web and beat the competition? Get in touch with the Erbacipollina team, specialised in the creation of Food&Beverage E-Commerce.

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