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Public relations are as important in digital marketing as they are in live communication and promotion operations.

A Digital PR Agency helps you create a network of contacts useful for your marketing activities and to improve your company’s image.

The Effectiveness of Digital PR for a Food & Beverage Brand.

An accurate Digital PR work is helpful when a company needs to:

  • Communicate something important to the public
  • Point out its authority
  • Improve online and offline reputation
  • Position the site on the search engine
  • Get new customers

In a highly competitive sector such as Food & Beverage, it is essential to carefully select the people with whom you want to establish professional relationships and to nurture the relationships constantly in order not to lose all the work you have done to obtain qualified contacts.

Depending on the characteristics of your company and the goals you want to achieve, lines of communication can be built with food bloggers, food and wine journalists, influencers, and micro-influencers.

It is essential to collaborate with professionals who focus their activity on the web because the primary purpose of Digital PR is to gain online mentions useful to achieve the results listed above.

How we do online public relations

We at Erbacipollina handle Digital PR activity with a strategic attitude, just as we do with any other marketing operation.

Thanks to our consolidated experience in food marketing, we know how to look for the most suitable partners for your brand, and products and how to establish professional relationships with them, defining clearly the collaborations and the goals to be achieved.

We monitor the trends of the strategies deployed and the input given by each party involved.

We create a real plan of action and a database with names, online contacts and purposes for which it is appropriate to involve the different partners.

We know how to use Digital PR to:

  • Get useful links for search engine rankings
  • Create consistency between brand image and brand identity
  • Increase visits to website, blog, and e-commerce
  • Speed up purchasing processes
  • Build customer loyalty

Through the involvement of well-known and respected figures in the food world, we can give value to your brand and make people appreciate your products even more.

If you want to turn online public relations into strategic opportunities, rely on the Digital PR Agency specializing in Food & Beverage:

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