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A Food & Beverage communication strategy is essential today for any company that wants to be competitive and aims to grow steadily.

To create one you need experience, technique, advanced tools, and effective methods. You need a reliable partner who can listen to your wishes and translate them into tangible results.

Why your company needs this service

In a competitive environment like the food business, a company must communicate effectively to attract the right target audience and build customer loyalty.

You can’t just sporadically publish posts on social media or the company blog if you want your brand’s values and goals to be received correctly by people, you need a thorough communication strategy based on precise analysis and unambiguous data.

What the service includes / what are the essential steps, tools, methods

A communication strategy for the food & beverage industry must start with defining objectives, such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increased followers on social media
  • Growth of organic traffic on the company website
  • Improved lead generation
  • Increased e-commerce sales
  • Introducing a new product or service

Subsequently, it is necessary to perform a series of research to learn about competitors, buyer personas, the best-performing communication channels, and the marketing activities necessary to achieve the set goals.

Erbacipollina’s solution

For the creation of an effective communication strategy for a brand in the food & beverage segment, Erbacipollina uses the data emerging from the Food Brand Building Process (FBBP) analysis, a methodology created specifically for companies in the sector.

It is an analysis tool composed of multiple online and offline activities to define the brand identity and its positioning.

The key points on which we act are:

  • Marketing analysis
  • Study of the target market
  • Competitor analysis and best practices
  • Scenario analysis
  • Value proposition design
  • Analysis and definition of Food Buyer Personas
  • Value Map
  • Value Proposition Canvas

Customizing the strategic plan is essential to make your brand stand out from the crowd and for customers to recognize it as an industry leader.

That’s why we design the communication strategy by assessing your requirements, the competition, the best methods and media to use, and setting achievable goals together.

Do you want to win customers by communicating the true essence of your food brand?

Rely on the food marketing experts at Erbacipollina.


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