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In the past, people used to crave the products that appeared in TV commercials and seek the advice of a friend or relative before making a purchase. Today people look at the content posted by influencers and buy the items they suggest in a spontaneous and engaging way.

You rely on celebrities, doctors, sportsmen and women, and anyone else who, in one way or another, has become a brand ambassador.

If you want to leverage this type of promotion for your Food & Beverage company, you need to choose the right influencer.

An Influencer Marketing Agency helps you identify the right content creators to promote your brand and products and professionally manage relationships with people who are very popular on the web or liked by a certain niche audience.

Influencer or Micro Influencer to enhance your brand

To achieve good results from an Influencer Marketing strategy, it is not enough to identify people with many followers on social media and ask to collaborate with them, but it is important to understand which type of influencer can be most effective in communicating with your target audience.

An influencer followed by a large and diverse audience may be suitable for brand awareness operations or in promoting products designed to cater to different types of people.

A micro influencer, i.e., an online content creator followed by a specific type of audience, may be the right choice if you want to raise awareness of a niche product or increase your company’s authority in the eyes of people, skilled in a particular field.

If you want to choose the most effective type of influencer to achieve your goals, you need to rely on professionals who know how to identify the right partners for your project and manage all the steps leading to the publication of the agreed content.

Why choose Erbacipollina as your Influencer Marketing Agency?

The role of influencers has changed over the past few years from online entertainment to digital marketing. This type of marketing is widely used today in the Food & Beverage sector because of its persuasive power and, therefore, its effectiveness in engaging users.

Erbacipollina is the Influencer Marketing Agency specializing in food, capable of planning strategies in line with your strategic goals to strengthen your brand’s online presence and reputation and increase sales.

If you want to collaborate with influencers who are influential in the world of food and beverage, let us guide you with over 10 years of experience: Contact Erbacipollina.

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