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Born in 1956 as a small artisan workshop selling fresh pasta in the historic center of Cento, today Andalini is a very important company in the pasta industry, with production focused either on the typical dishes from Emilia Romagna, or on the durum wheat semolina pasta, produced in a plant in Puglia.


Creating a new packaging and a folder for Tagliatelle della Rocca, that represent the authentic tradition of Emilian pasta, handed down from generation to generation, and developing a comprehensive project, that goes from the packaging to the catalogue, to the website and the Cuor di Semola, the line of durum wheat pasta of Andalini.

What we did:

  • New packaging for Tagliatelle della Rocca
  • Folder for the Tagliatelle della Rocca
  • Packaging design, catalogue and website for Cuor di Semola

The creative process:

  1. Analysis of the values and the history of Tagliatelle della Rocca.
  2. Creation of new packaging with an emotional image and a copy that could trigger the values of a product strictly related to tradition and territory.
  3. Creation of a complete image — from the pack to the catalogue and the website — for the line of durum wheat pasta Cuor di Semola.
  4. Development of the website