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Experience is at the base of the buying process.

Once defined the food buyer personas, the correct communication strategy requires the mapping of the Customer Journey, the path that the consumer takes during the relationship with the company, and the stages they go through both online and offline. A story that starts with a need and ends with the purchase.

Mapping the customer journey can generate several benefits for your company, that include both the marketing strategies and the sales department work.

Customer Journey and the benefits for your food brand

The creation of a document that highlights all the steps that your target audience takes within the buying process, allows you to understand a lot of things about your promotional operations, the features of your products, the strength of your brand, how and when people prefer to buy.

Analysing the Customer Journey is useful in order to:

  • Make the tortuous buying process clear
  • Put your customer’s needs at the heart of your business
  • Align marketers and salespeople
  • Detect critical issues in marketing or sales strategy
  • Define new business goals
  • Understand when it is the moment to update a product
  • Evolve a service
  • Improve marketing campaigns
  • Identify topics to create effective content
  • Effectively guide the customer towards the purchase
  • Build customer loyalty

Discover the touchpoint to increase sales

Touchpoint means every step that the client takes before purchasing (or not) your product.

Nowadays, we have to take into consideration both the online and the offline touchpoint because the majority of users move from a Google search to a store visit, from browsing in e-commerce to browsing supermarket shelves.

Both the search for product information and shopping can take place on a digital device or in a physical store because, today, the boundary between the virtual and physical world is blurred and the user moves easily between them.

Discovering what your target touchpoint is, allows you to understand what are the preparatory phases of the sale and where the client actually buys, but also when and why the customer abandons the cart and leaves your brand.

Erbacipollina: the agency that takes care of Food&Beverage Customer Journey

We at Erbacipollina are able to plan a personalised strategy that attracts and engages your customer on every channel, touchpoint, and buying process.

The analysis of the customer journey, a fundamental part of our FBBP (Food Brand Building Process), allows us to understand what are the food marketing activities that must be planned in order to achieve the goals that you wish for and on which channels to focus your promotional campaigns.

If you want to improve your brand awareness and lead generation through the implementation of targeted strategies, rely on whoever knows how to map the Food&Beverage customer journey:

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