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To achieve good results online, you have to choose the best servers for hosting services and have a hardware architecture destined to host high-performance websites, sensitive data, and all that is needed to reach your online customers.

If you are thinking about the development of a company website, e-commerce, or an application, then you need the hosting service. Without it, you cannot put the digital platform on the web.

What is a Hosting Provider and what it is for?

The term hosting, deriving from the verb ‘to host’, let us immediately understand the principle of this service.

A Hosting Provider is a company that hosts on its servers the web pages of your website or e-commerce and makes them accessible to the user that connects to the web and launches a request by clicking on the link that directs to the content that he wants to visit.

The quality of the hosting service affects significantly the performance of the digital platform, allocated on the provider’s servers. That is why it is fundamental to carefully select the company that manages the spaces as it should provide advanced functions, high stability and high-security levels.

To make the process that brings a web page from the hosting provider’s infrastructure to the user’s screen work perfectly, Server Management activities are also required. They are related to monitoring and maintenance, indispensable to keep a website or e-commerce constantly online and with performance always up to standard.

Erbacipollina’s hosting service

For the provision of the hosting service, we at Erbacipollina rely on a national partner with dedicated servers.

The service guarantees connectivity of all systems and 99.95% uptime.

If you have to choose to host with quality servers you can also rely on title certifications that allow you to identify the strengths of a given provider. For instance, you can assess the presence of an ISO 27001:2013 for the management of information security.

Managing a dedicated server is challenging, which is why we offer one managed server. This means, managed by a staff of professionals, specialised in this type of hosting.

We aim to create all the technical basis necessary to make your digital platforms (corporate site, e-commerce, app) work properly.

We will be your point of reference for everything related to Hosting, Server Management, and any other activity related to the development and management of web platforms dedicated to the dissemination of information or sales-oriented.

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