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We at Erbacipollina take care of the development of Web Applications for the world of Food&Beverage that allows to provide services accessible from any browser and device.

You can turn to our experts if you want to obtain a functional App, that satisfies your expectations and those of your customers.

A Web Application may seem very similar to a website, but technically speaking it is something very different. Let’s see why.

What is a web application and why it is different from a website

Very often, our customers ask us the difference between a website and a web app, or web application. It is our job to remove any doubt before starting the design of the first or second digital platform.

A website is characterised by a series of pages that are visualised with a browser. Typical examples include websites and blogs that we browse every day.

The goal of a website is to provide information, easily accessible via the internet by users, that will be then elaborated by them, who can quickly switch from one page to another. However, a website is characterised by a low level of engagement.

On the contrary, Apps are focused on interactivity, the user’s ability to enter information that will be elaborated by the application. Their task is not limited to consulting the information, but they interact with the program itself.

A Food Web Application can even more easily connect your target audience to your brand, attracting the attention of every customer through the efficiency of the App in quickly fixing a problem.

The difference between Web App and Mobile App

The Web Apps are accessible from every digital device connected to the internet that has a browser through which you access the platform, so in order to be used they do not need to be installed.

The ones that we open on our smartphones are Mobile Apps, which means applications specifically developed for mobile devices. These types of digital solutions require a download and an installation in order to be used, but they do not need a browser to exploit their capabilities.

Mobile applications are developed for two main operating systems: iOS and Android.

Web Applications Development

In your everyday life, almost certainly, you use the web application to carry out actions through digital devices. When you do web research, watch a video, send a message or book an online ticket, you are probably doing it through a Web Application.

Our team of developers provides services of app development using:

  • Laravel Framework
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Vue.js
  • AWS

A carefully designed and developed Web App can perform any action and data manipulation and can be customised to enhance your brand and satisfy the wishes of your customers.

If you are looking for professionals in Food&Beverage Web Application development, get in touch with Erbacipollina now!

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