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Cioccolateria Origine

The restyling of Cioccolateria Origine's classic and gourmet chocolate bar lines came from the desire to create packaging that could combine the goodness of chocolate with the fact that this chocolate is produced without the use of simple sugar but instead of erythritol, a sugar substitute with practically no calories.


Create original packaging for the “Origine Zero” and “Origine Zero Gourmet” lines because Cioccolateria Origine’s chocolate is the chocolate that didn’t exist: good and sugar-free, suitable for everyone.

What we did:

  • Creation of the new Packaging Design for the “Origine Zero” and “Origine Zero Gourmet” lines
  • Photo shooting

The creative process:

  1. Analysis of brand values
  2. Creation of the claims “it’s good is zero” for the classic line tablets and “it’s gourmet is zero” for the premium line, where we combined the word “zero,” which means having no added sugar, with the product plus: “good” for the classic line and “gourmet” for the premium line.
  3. Definition of lettering and graphics for the two lines
  4. Realization of a dedicated photoshoot