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Germinal Bio

Germinal bio has been one of the first Italian companies to believe in organic. Through time developed a diversified line of products to provide customers with salubrity, taste and authenticity at any time.


Increasing brand awareness through a new digital strategy to expand the range of customers and the brand reputation.
Restyling of the entire product range to make it more appealing on the market and to communicate all the goodness of organic.

What we did:

  • Packaging design
  • Below-the-line
  • Television commercial
  • Food photography and adv consumer and trade pages
  • Social media strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Digital PR

The creative process:

  1. Analysis of the starting marketing strategy, to identify strengths and weaknesses and to work on efficient renewal.
  2. Development of a new digital strategy.
  3. Planning of social media use, content marketing and digital pr in order to expand the target, increase brand awareness and the organic visits to the website.
  4. Restyling of the entire pack system to make the image more modern and clean, enhancing the company’s distinctive features: biologic agriculture and the tastiness of products.
  5. Creation of a television commercial for the Sky network.