Erbacipollina | Food Marketing Agency


A historic company from Milan, specialised in the production of the “Super griffin de Milan” for more than 60 years. Through time it became the leading company in the Horeca channel, both in Italy and abroad.


Repositioning a historic brand presenting a more modern and captivating image, fashionable as the city that since the 1950s hosts the company.

Strengthening the entire brand image through packaging restyling and a new coordinated image.

What we did:

  • Packaging design
  • Catalogue
  • Below-the-line
  • Creation of exhibition stands
  • Press advertising
  • Food photography

The creative process:

  1. Brand identity analysis, to identify strengths and weaknesses and work on an efficient renewal.
  2. Redefinition of the brand image to communicate the quality and the historical significance with a modern and refined language.
  3. Creation, planning and development of a new packaging design for every line of product.
  4. Adaptation of the new image to the different below-the-line materials, starting from the catalogue to the exhibition stands.
  5. Designing of the packaging design in co-marketing with Disney’s characters, in particular with the new mini-grissini Frozen.