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Granoro is an Italian company specializing in the production of dry pasta and ready-made sauces, founded in 1967 in Corato, in the Puglia region. A historical reality, that carved out a large share of the market, focusing on high-quality products, made with local raw materials.


Creation of two adv pages, the first one for a product line that focuses on the concept of territoriality, the Dedicati, the second one on a new packaging completely recyclable in the paper. Objective: pointing out the importance of selecting raw materials, coming 100% from Puglia, and emphasizing the company values related to sustainability and naturalness.

What we did:

  • ADV page about the supply chain based in Puglia, for the “I Dedicati” line
  • ADV page about the paper recyclable packaging

The creative process:

1_Definition of the values and strengths of Granoro and the I Dedicati line

2_ Definition of copy and image aimed at enhancing products for their distinctive properties

3_ Development of ADV pages for the most important Italian newspapers