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Melegatti Easter Tin

Melegatti is the historic brand for the Original Pandoro, a distinctive product invented by Domenico Melegatti in 1894. The Veronese confectionary company is specialized in products for festive occasions that represent one of the greatest excellence of the festivities.
Portfolio Melegatti Latta Pasqua


Complete restyling of the line, starting from the Original Pandoro to cakes, and logo design to make the overall image more modern and precious, with the inclusion of the storytelling in the pack, to convey the values of the historic brand.

What we did:

  • Logo and packaging design
  • Christmas catalogue and below-the-line materials
  • Photoshoot and storytelling

The creative process:

  1. Research in the company’s historical archive of the gift box of the colomba.
  2. Choice of the graphic elements to be included in the limited edition of the packaging.
  3. Inclusion of the historical elements of the company, and the stylistic features of Easter reinterpreted in a contemporary way.
  4. Writing and inclusion of the storytelling dedicated to the taste and the historical significance of the brand.
  5. Final improvement: inclusion of the signature of Dr. Domenico Melegatti 1894, the stamp of the mother yeast and all the other graphic elements to enhance the tin. Finally, the implementation of the cartouche to emphasize the 125 years of history.