Erbacipollina | Food Marketing Agency


Ligabue Group is a company with more than a century of history, born in Venice and now active all over the world. It specializes in equipment for the nautical and industrial sectors as well as procurement, hotel services, catering, and facility management. Its mission is to improve the lives of people who travel, work, and live far from home, at sea, or in the most remote places on the planet.


Create the first B2B social media communication strategy for the company on LinkedIn, to generate awareness on target audiences, positioning the brand for differentiating values, and sharing the story of the company’s different divisions both as services and as the people who make it up.


Generate awareness of potential audiences, position the brand for differentiating values, and establish new relationships with retail buyers.

What we did:

  • Social media strategy on Linkedin
  • Website creation and development

The creative process:

  1. FBBP analysis of Ligabue Group to rationalize the company’s divisional structure and convey it most effectively through distinctive brand positioning, a successful “why, how, what” communication structure, and tailored communication values.
  2. Identification of B2B Food Buyer Personas.
  3. Linkedin channel-specific social media approach design
  4. Development of new digital visuals and tone of voice.
  5. Definition of the annual content and adv plan through company storytelling, in-depth coverage of the services, strengths, and benefits of each division, stories about the people who work in different parts of the world for the Group, and company initiatives and projects.