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When you talk about wafer, you talk about Loacker. Loacker is a synonym of tastiness, high quality and love for nature, but also of an old family tradition. In fact, since 1925, the company is active in the production of this specialty.
Loacker dekstop


Defining the new corporate tone of voice to communicate the products and the values that are typical of the company: starting from the choice of the ingredients to the awesome tastiness of its products.

What we did:

  • Identification of the new tone of voice
  • Copywriting

The creative process:

  1. The study of the new corporate tone of voice that could get products closer to the end-customer.
  2. Adapting the texts of the product description and the ingredients to the new tone of voice.
  3. Editing of the product descriptions for the new Loacker e-commerce, either for the most traditional products or the most innovative ones.
  4. Creation of the new corporate content to communicate brand values and initiatives in a modern way and in line with the tone of voice.
  5. Definition of the communication claims to adapt the brand communication to the defined tone of voice.