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Martini Professional

Martini Professional is the Unigrà brand designed to be the trusted partner of professionals in the confectionery, baking, and catering industries. The wide world of Martini Professional is developed into brands and lines dedicated to specific channels: Martini Frozen, Martini Gelato, Martini Cioccolato, and Martini Food Service.


Redesign the new Martini professional brand site, with the different sub-brands and product categories inside, through the identification of food buyer personas and the creation of the texts from an SEO perspective, following the new brand image of the group.

What we did:

  • Website
  • Optimization and architecture of the different product lines
  • SEO and copywriting
  • Social media management
  • SIGEP fair catalogs
  • Sales folder

The creative process:

  1. Our primary goal was to develop a platform that was easy to use, capable of reorganizing and providing clarity to a complicated structure that includes several sub-brands, and able to meet stakeholder expectations.
  2. A straightforward and well-organized website that may highlight the company’s pluses, range of products, and services provided.
  3. Realization of the keyword map to position the site and products on search engines, to draw in relevant organic traffic.