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Molino Favero

Since its founding in 1925, Molino Favero has grown to become one of the reference mills both locally, in the entire Veneto region and nationally. With a focus on research and development, it is currently one of the most cutting-edge enterprises in the sector, giving companies and customers gluten-free flours that aim to be components of a healthier way of life. The company's goal is to innovate to develop new nutritional ideas.


Create the company’s first B2B social media communication strategy on LinkedIn to generate awareness of potential audiences and position the brand for unique values.


increase brand awareness, position the company for differentiating characteristics, and establish new connections with retail customers.

What we did:

  • Social media strategy on Linkedin
  • Leaflet
  1. Identification of the company’s distinctive values, communication concepts, and characteristics of B2B Food Buyer Personas
  2. Competitors analysis
  3. Design of Linkedin channel-specific social media strategy
  4. Creation of the new digital visual and tone of voice.
  5. Definition of the annual content and adv plan through company storytelling, insights into the target market, products, and launch of new references.
  6. Realization of a leaflet presenting the company, at an international trade fair, using the new tone of voice and visual identity.