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Molino Rossetto

Molino Rossetto, a key player in the flour and special preparations sector, is a Veneto-based company, founded in 1750. It has always aimed to establish itself as a reference brand in the food world, offering quality and environmentally friendly products.


The company’s goal was to enter large-scale distribution with a new product line, a range in line with market trends, and strong flours. That is why it was necessary to create impactful packaging and performant trade ADV pages.

What we did:

  • Packaging Farine di Forza
  • Trade ADV packaging for the presentation of the Farine di Forza line.

The creative process:

1_ Identification of the strengths of Farine di Forza: soft wheat type “00” flours that lend themselves to professional and technical use, perfect for recipes that require long rising times.
2_ Realization of packaging that is both elegant and impressive, able to stand out on the shelf. Both 1 kg and 5 kg formats.
3_ Realization of graphics and copy for some advertising pages for specialized trade channels.