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Pasta fresca rossi

Pasta fresca rossi is a company based in Model that since 1955 produces fresh pasta according to the local artisan tradition: from tortellini di Modena to passatelli.
Erbacipollina social Pasta Fresca Rossi


Designing the new digital strategy, through the restyling of the website, and the social media strategy to increase brand awareness and reach the consumer through corporate and fresh pasta storytelling.

What we did:

  • Website
  • E-commerce
  • Social media strategy
  • Content marketing and SEO
  • Photoshoot

The creative process:

  1. Brand identity analysis, looking for the strengths to be highlighted together with the new digital strategy.
  2. Restyling of the website, with the integration of emotional photos, to better convey the product quality.
  3. Implementation of the e-commerce section on the website.
  4. Creation of a new social strategy between Facebook and Instagram to increase the user base and brand awareness and support online sales.
  5. Definition of a new content marketing strategy, characterised by articles and recipes, in order to create valuable content for social media and to increase the organic traffic towards their website.