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Glaxi Pane

Glaxi Pane is a Venetian company, a leader in the bakery sector. Since the 1950s, it produces bread and frozen bakery products for catering, combining traditional knowledge with advanced technologies.


The objective was to relaunch the corporate image, focusing on demand quality, through the logo restyling, the creation of a new catalogue of products and the management of social media, in such a way that they could establish a direct relationship with the consumer, but with a new visual and a new language.

What we did:

  • Logo restyling
  • Catalogue of products
  • Social

The creative process:

  1. A rebranding work to modernize the logo, aligning it with the other corporate brand.
  2. Marketing analysis and brand positioning, what distinguishes Glaxi Pane from competitors.
  3. A revised catalogue either in structural terms or concerning the graphic and the copy.
  4. Brand awareness to expand the knowledge outside Veneto and lead generation.