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It is a historic company based in Koufalia (Greece), that in Italy mainly focuses on Greek yogurt, with the lines of Extra and Mykonos. With the claim “Discover the authentic side of Greece”, the brand Mevgal aims to be recognized as a synonym for authentic Greek dairy products.
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Creating the digital strategy to increase brand awareness in large-scale retailing, build brand authority and stimulate the purchase of the product, in particular, that of the various types of Greek yogurt.

What we did:

  • Social media strategy on Facebook and Instagram

The creative process:

  1. Creation of content that enhances the pluses of the Greek yogurt and highlights its authenticity.
  2. Creation of recipes with Mevgal’s products as main protagonists.
  3. Implementation of the funnel model for the strategic organization of adv campaigns and contents.
  4. Video campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Native advertising.
  5. Digital PR campaigns with influencers of the sector.