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Medusa is the brand name of the historic company Cesare Regnoli & Figlio s.r.l., which specializes in the production of marinated eel from Polesine, with a product range that has gradually expanded over the years to include a long list of ready-to-eat fish dishes, also present in large-scale retail outlets.


Significantly reshape Medusa’s digital image, with the aim of making the brand stand out more and more as one of the Italian references for all seafood gastronomy, not only for the typical specialties of the Polesine area.

What we did:

  • Website
  • Photoshoot

The creative process:

  1. Definition of Medusa’s core values.
  2. Identification of brand strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Realization of a photo shoot that can give a high-quality image of the products.
  4. Realization of website structure, graphics and copy.