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Born as a spicery in 1793, Cedral Tassoni has always been the company par excellence specializing in the processing and transformation of citron, the main ingredient of its iconic product: the legendary Cedrata Tassoni.


The Cedrata Tassoni is back with a new digital and offline communication strategy. Still cult, but with a new visual and a new language.

Objective: to bring the Cedrata Tassoni back into the mind of the consumer and expand the target range to the world of millennials.

What we did:

  • Communication strategy
  • Advertising consumer and trade pages
  • Brand identity
  • Social media strategy

The creative process:

  1. Definition of the company’s historical values and strengths and analysis of previous communication strategies to define a new one.
  2. Development of a new visual and a language that supports the new identity, through the creation of below-the-line materials.
  3. Design and planning of multichannel activities to support the large-scale retail trade and HoReCa channel: advertising in shopping centers, and promotional activities on the beach.
  4. Design of a social media strategy with a new tone of voice and social visuals.
  5. Creation of the #Tassonilovers community, a group dedicated to Tassoni products lovers, in order to create a direct relationship and foster user-generated content.