Erbacipollina | Food Marketing Agency


For more than 30 years, Neavita has served as a symbol of happiness and well-being for individuals who have enjoyed its herbal teas. The company meticulously selects high-quality plants, flowers, fruits, and teas from around the world with passion and experience to offer people deep harmony in tune with nature. The herbal teas from Neavita invite consumers to immerse themselves in moments of pleasure and tranquility, enhancing their daily well-being.


Revise the brand image by restyling the product catalog, photographic mood and pop material. Identify the new brand positioning through new communication language and social media management strategy


Support the new brand positioning and speak in more contemporary ways to consumers by expanding awareness to new food buyers personas.

What we did:

  • General product catalog
  • Identifying new photographic mood
  • Social media strategy

The creative process:

  1. Products and product lines rationalization.
  2. Realization of photographic and stylistic mood for catalog pages.
  3. Defining color palette lettering
  4. Implementation of a dedicated photo shoot for social media
  5. Social media posts creation to support